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quinta-feira, julho 19, 2007

Ask and it will be given
The book of Law of Attraction

This book tells us about the Law of Attraction. In the book, very useful meditative exercises are given. There are 22 in total. This was the book on which was based the secret movie and book, and tells us how we attract and manifest things in life, based on what we are thinking.

We describe herein some of them and later we will post the following others. The book also states we go on in life through an emotional scale, by which emotions works as signals to tells us if our thoughts or decisions are to provide us well-being or not. So, if you tune into bad thinking, you will feel bad because you would create something less desirable if you continue with that that you are thinking. On another way, you will feel happy, if you endure in good feelings and thoughts which by its own ways, will add to create even more good things.

At last, the emotional scale, on which the book has its basis is based from the most joyful and positive states to the most desperate and negatives states. The exerciss help us lift on the emotional scale to a more joyful condition. They tell us of advices to create more happy emotional states, good thinking and thus attract the things we really desire.

Manifesting abundance, joy and happiness

1. The rampage of appreciation: when you want to make of a good time an even better time! Start by seeing a very pleasant thing that it really makes you feel good in the moment. Choose easy immediate things, this is not about finding difficult things. Notice to cookie that you eat, then you really focus your attention into a higher vibrational state, you look into another good thing. For example, “I love this new car, this new highway is wonderful, even thou is raining, I’m having a very good time” You will slowly increase even more your vibration.
2. The magical creation box: just make a box, a very beautiful and artistic one. Fill it with joy. Just think that this will be a magical box that everything you will put there, it will manifest, give or take some time. Put photos from your dream house, a distant voyage, a love-letter to your future sweet, accomplishments… Alternatively, you may make like me, a board of gratitude, thanking for all the things on your life you have already partially accomplish, or you are on its way, and want to further manifest. I put there photos, intentions, future dreams (job, relationships, new home)…
3. The creative workshop: (when you want to focus on those important areas of your life, you want more control on them, or you want to improve the art of allowing for even better things may come to yourself) begin with a piece of paper and four categories, myself/my body, my home, my relationships, my work. Write something life “I want to spend more time together, I want to have more fun together”, etc. Write about four topics for each session, for more significant things on your life. Then write for each the reasons why you want those things, for example “I want to have more fun together, because I love laughing, because it having fun feels so good”. This exercise performed better when writing it alone and quietly, can also be doing in though while walking. It will lift those areas of your life, even lessening the resistance to obtain those results.
4. Virtual reality: (when you feel good and want to practise allowing, you have extra time for pleasure things) realize that the process of the law of attraction of things on your life works in three steps: 1) ask (this is easy, you are doing it all the time), 2) answer (not your work, the universe will always reply to your wishes and aspirations), 3) allow (a very different thing from asking, it is the state or mode of allowing receiving). Realize that frequently you pray or wish for things in a state that is not conductive to receive, but is more a match for lack of that thing. You shall realize that you do not fail on the ask step, you do it all the time, consciously or unconsciously. It is the receiving mode that requires real work. You personally should relax and not be so hard when feeling negative things. Those only teach you that some adjustment is require in order to shift your state and your life into a harmony way. If you feel now in a state of definitely not-feeling good we recommend you the exercise of meditation instead.
5. The prosperity game: this is intended specially for increasing your financial perspective and the things you may own or the security you may own, on your life. Start by setting a virtual bank account to yourself. An unlimited one, with unlimited credit. On the first day, you get 1000$ you spend and you have to create a small list with your wishes to spend on. On the second day, you get 2000$ and you do the same. On the third day, you get 3000$ and you detail your beauty wishes again. You go on and on like this. You try to visualize (actually feel) that really fantastic thing you choose. Try to not skip the list when the given value gets very high. You shall, through this process, soften the perspective you have on the energy of money and the energy of negating getting.
6. The process of meditation: try to meditate (not actually stop the thoughts or sensations, but let them run free and without attaching or forcing anything, and without choosing to identify with any of those). Do this 5-15min on a day. Not more than that as a start, and preferably on a nature, open spot.
7. Evaluating dreams: dreams are often previews of the future, based on your present and the perspective on your past and your future. It tells you not what will happen, but what would happen if you keep those emotions, those wishes, those thoughts, those conscious and unconscious things. It therefore works as a valuable tool for analysis if you are headed into the right direction. If you dream about an area of your life bad, just acknowledge you ought to create a more positive perspective/feeling for that.
8. The book of positive aspects: choose a very beautiful book to write on, set 20min per day for it, not more. Next at the top start, start with something or someone that you really.

9. Scripting
10. The place mat process
11. Segment intending
12. Wouldn’t be nice if…?
13. Which though feels better?
14. The process of clearing clutter, for clarity
15. The wallet process
16. Pivoting
17. The focus wheel process
18. Finding the feeling-place
19. Releasing resistance to become free of debt
20. Turning it over to manager
21. Reclaiming one’s natural state of health
22. Moving up the emotional scale

Emotional scale:
Our emotional signpost

Positive Expectation/Belief

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