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domingo, setembro 07, 2008

Combater a poluicao humana e mudancas climaticas: É preciso mais que accoes individuais, é preciso um movimento massivo dos politicos e da sociedade


Lifestyle choices won't win the battle against global warming

In a new book on climate change, Jonathan Neale argues that solutions are within reach but the political will is lacking – a mass movement is needed to make governments take the lead

"Should you feel guilty about flying [or cars]? A lot of people would say you should. After all, the danger of runaway climate change is real. No one knows how far away that is. We probably have 10 to 30 years, but we may have longer, and we may already have passed the tipping point. (...)

The solution, then, is government investment and regulation. But that's the problem, too. It's not technology; it's politics. (...)

There's an even bigger problem, though. Many mainstream politicians have woken up to the dangers of climate change – Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, Gore and the Terminator. So have many bankers and corporate leaders. They now understand the science. They have children and grandchildren. And they own the world – they don't want to destroy it. (...)

That's where guilt comes in. The governments should be solving the climate problem. They aren't. So an avalanche of propaganda is coming at us - saying it's all your fault.
Almost everything about climate is put in terms of individual lifestyle choices such as green tourism. But no one really thinks that will insulate the houses of the poor, build wind farms around the world, or cut emissions in China. (...)

What we need is a mass movement to change government policies, or replace the current politicians with people who will take action."

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