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sábado, setembro 06, 2008

Environmental Revolution, 5 Steps

Our challenge is to make a new Enlightenment, rejecting belief that we can master Earth and treat it as our unlimited supermarket, playground, laboratory and dumpster. Every human enterprise and standard needs reorientation to recognize the boundaries of our sun-powered planet.

Here's a short "to-do" list:

* 1. Reduce the industrialized world's carbon footprint 80 percent by 2050.

* 2. Prevent the projected 3 billion increase in human population over the next 30 years and actually reduce population by 2110 without famine, disease or war while preserving human dignity.

* 3. Revise the scientific method so that it better balances the goal of discovery with moral considerations and precaution.

* 4. Switch our economy to sustainable energy: solar, wind, hydro.

* 5. Make that economy one in which happiness and success do not require increased consumption.

In http://www.alternet.org/environment/96519/5_steps_to_an_environmental_revolution/

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