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sexta-feira, março 02, 2007

Trecho engraçado

Caros amigos.... desculpem se ando a postar demais...
Não resisto a partilhar formas de chegar a estes sonhos baturais e comunitários

Pode ser que muita gente esteja a procurar também esta informação como eu!

"It's not eating meat that has to change - it's your attitude toward the animal and the land that produced it. You're going to have to do things differently, with more love, more reverence. And don't forget, every time you take from the Earth, you should give something back."

"Yes," I say, just a little impatiently. "But the problem is, we don't really own the place."
He smiles. "Of course not. Who does? Ownership is an illusion, a convention of our society."

"Maybe, but the money it'll cost to get things going again is no illusion."
There is a pause, then he says quietly, "Then focus on the healing and don't think about money. If you have love for the land in your heart, if wherever you go, your concern is to love and heal the body of our Mother, the Earth, the money to do it will come."

In the dream I believed him, and later, pondering the matter, it made sense. I saw that it was time for me to stop paying lip service to the idea of ecology and begin the actual work of healing - starting right now, where I was at. There were other places, perhaps, more desirable places, but I was intimately familiar with the ranch, and already had a lot of emotional energy invested in it. That seemed the logical place to begin.

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