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segunda-feira, outubro 23, 2006

A Survey / Uma Pesquisa

I am very interesting in asking you one question:

How do you see the world today? And the future? Do you think a new era in the world/humanity is going to start soon? If so, how do you think it will be, how do you see it?

I am very interested in your feedback. I put it simply as to give you the
maximum freedom in your answer. You might have your own idea what "era" is,
or "new" is or even "world" is! So, go on, comment!


Neste momento estou interessado numa questão:

Como ves o mundo de hoje? E o futuro? Achas que uma nova era no mundo/humanidade vai começar em breve? Se sim, como pensas que será, como a vês?

Estou muito interessado na vossa opinião. Tentei pôr em palavras simples para
vos dar a maior liberdade possível na resposta. Vocês podem ter a vossa
própria ideia de "era" ou "nova" ou mesmo de "mundo"! Vá lá, comentem!

2 comentários:

solquartocrescente disse...

I see the world today as through my eyes, thus an illusion.
I see no future, since there is only present. Thinking on future makes me anxious and thus is a sign that I am not putting things as they are, just putting them ahead.
I see that a new "era" might begin, wasnt the nature of the world one of impermanence and everlasting change.
Every borns, everything dies. From ancient wisdom, people use to say that every nearly two thousand years a new age would unfold. And we surely have the signs of perishing and rebirth right around us.
How it is going to be? Ultimately, reality is just as we see it, or should we say, as we realize it and create it. So, a new age is of our responsability, when our truthful most inner aspirations are in concordance and harmony with the ones of universal nature and universal order. Most people nowadays are sleeping, thus they create randomly. A few more millions are creating one of peace, trust, freedom and companionship. A very little few, namely politians and power people, are creating one of fear and hierachical domination. Its up to each of us to choose.

solquartocrescente disse...

Sincerely, I think there will be a big change. Everything useless will perish
The world will be flooded with love in a few years...
Its up to us to put it forward