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quinta-feira, janeiro 15, 2009

9 interesting questions

  • What is the source of my consciousness which enables me to think in the first place? I think it is that place we call "soul" or a "spirit". I feel a energy inside me, a definitive lively field that extends outward and in some cases, I even manage to perceive myself as a continuum to the outside world, or in other words, myself and the world are but one thing, and definitively bigger than the sense of a "self".
  • Am I mainly a body, or am I essentially the dweller within my body? I deeply sense myself as a dweller within this physical body which is enlived by the "dweller" energy.
  • Why are some people brighter than others? More successful? More artistic? Because they are probably in touch with their inner energy if creativity, which springs from this fantastic inside.
  • How is lasting satisfaction attained? I think satisfaction, happiness, joy, bliss, inner peace, is realization of our connection between our mind and our "inside" and also between these and our body, therefore creating an opportunity to manifest and create that inner bliss in the outside world, in other words, in our lives.
  • Where does love come from? That is a very interesting question. I think now that love is everywhere since we seemingly find it in plenty of places, and also ultimately when we find it in another (person, thing) we are also finding it inside ourselves, and in hope, of a joyful connection between both, our "self" and the "others"
  • Where does matter come from? The world? The oceans? The sun? Stars? Galaxies? Light? I don't think that Science answers everything, it only speaks from purely physical perspective. What about beauty, joy, connection, creativity? That for me is mostly prompt answered by our hearts and not minds. When I look at nature, the oceans, stars, clouds, the sun, the animals, I see the origin in a distant yet everlasting point which now occurs everywhere. It is difficult to describe in words that make sense.
  • What is the difference between a live person and a dead one? The live is embedded by the "dweller" energy inside, the font for creativity, life energy, love.
  • What happens at so-called death? That energy either parts elsewhere to the original continuum or remains separated from the body as a non-physical entity and body (what we would call a "spirit". I do not know the answer but either way the energy changes and ultimately seems to return to the one and united origin. That spectacular source.
  • What is life? Life is that source. Physical life is that source manifested in a physical way, the realm we currently experience and most easily perceive. Life is Love, Unity, Peace, Fluid Manifestation, Changeable experience, Potential Bliss.

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