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quinta-feira, novembro 22, 2007

Some positive thoughts

We are spiritual beings dwelling in a material and physical world. Shall we not forget this. So, we came to a culture where spiritual ideas are indeed put aside in favor of thoughts of funtionality, economics, sociolization, doing what is expected and caring for our material survival.
In fact, we will die in a few years or decades, and we shall take nothing. Only memories of those 'spiritual' and good simple things. Take care with this then.

There is no need to control another or other, even if we think it is for their good.
There is no need to implant over other ideas or intentions.
Our spiritual work is upon the self. To best express our self, a inner work.

Our personality (not our inner essence) is a shell of psychological material. Of often rather diverse and contraditory material, stuff, talents and desires.
Shall we laught at that!
Shall we take it lightly!
Shall we take acceptance on that, over the same contradictions of others, and bless and have love and compassion foe that, on ourselves and on others.

It is a rather important spiritual work, to simply meditate and to spread prayers or simply thoughts of peace for our entire Earth.
For although, we may think at first nothing is really working (since there is still a terribly amount of conflit and problems) shall we notice two important things:
First people are nowadays, as never before, brining light to face these problems (that were previously hidden. We have the examples of power and money schemes corrupting people and governments, the issues of freedom and equality, the issues of world peace and abundance and the environmental cause. Second, we are seeing now, as never before, a grassroot awakening of people to the themes of inner things and caring for earth and mankind, that is slowly gaining strenght, hiddenly, amongst our populations, in every country of the world! Notice that.

We shall remember that, currently, nearly every government and big enterprises, are rules by self-serving interests. These are self-serving needs that our ape ancestors followed and plenty of humans still seek. It is that tribal thinking, for solely caring for our families or nations that takes us to ruin.
These people gain a unceasing thirst for possessions, money and power.
Shall we not become overly concerned with this. It is intended to be so.
Earth is a leaning-school planet.
May we assist with inner peace and bless those. And when possible assist them in changing behaviours.
Shall we rest with these thoughts, as empires rise and fall, along the unstopable spiritual evolution.

If we shall take consciousness of our inner desires, aspirations, gifts, graces and fruits, then is a lifetime of worth.
If we shall take these and put them forth it is still a lifetime of tremendous worth. It is a task well worth of a lifetime of service and sense.

If we choose to culture the higher values of equality, fraternity, and stewardship of people, ideals and the land around us, shall we look not far, but to our local situations and city/village.
There are those needy, hungry, childreen to care, old people to live in dignity and happiness their last days, and a lot of land and forest to be cared for.
Shall we do these services in blessing devotion, with all our entire hearts and souls. Even if it is a simple smal thing. We may teach a lot and show other a way better.

It takes a great commitment to love another one, in a love relationship.
Shall we be asked to love the other, our mate or companion, without any judgment.
To find all the compassion, love dearly, humbly and completely, with no judgment.
Love works in our understanding, encouragment of others.

And if anything may fail or falter, shall we take things lighty, and start all over again over a new day, without any judgment or concern.
A new day is always a new day of creations and hopes.
For those alone, laughter is a excelent remedy and seeking companionship a good solution.

A word about our future. Things will probably change strinkinly in the next decades. Our personal choices and stuff is far more important we have ever realized. Everything will be just well even if it is so dificult for us to get aware of that. Gradually, population will change and get concerned much with changing the things of a more global nature, such as cleaning the soils, the waters, the air, restoring our natural enviroments and finding to live in such a way that we may become aware we are indeed all fantastic creators of a lovely magical world, and part of it.

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