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quarta-feira, dezembro 13, 2006

Encontro Verde - Quinta da Cabeça do Mato

Domingo 18, Segunda 19 e Terça 20 de Fevereiro (Carnaval)

This gathering will be situated at our 10ha organic smallholding, near Tábua, 50kms N. of Coimbra.

It is a group iniciative, and we ask people interested to join us!

We provide a space in nature with alternative energy and fresh water, and would like to imagine that in this time people could connect to our planet earth, by celebration of songs, stories, dancing, ecological discussions and workshops.

How can YOU help? (see form below)

* Offer an appropriate workshop
* Volunteer to help
-chopping vegetables
-collecting and chopping fire wood
-cleaning the space
-collecting spring water
Please save all your Sunday magazines and bring for the ceramic paper oven!

This will be a non-profit gathering with obvious costs to cover.

Payment of 25 ROOTS per day or 60 ROOTS for 3 days, will cover –all w/shops, 3 basic organic vegetarian meals per day, (menu available soon) , space for your tent, use of eco washing facilities, compost toilets etc.

There are various possibilities for participants to contribute towards payment
A) offer a w/shop = no payment for the whole day of w/shop
B) become a VOLUNTEER = 50 % discount on all days of helping
C) swapping ROOTS for either
-hours working on the farm (5 ROOTS=1hour)
-things we need (see info)
All the above are by pre-arrangement only
D) payment of cash 1ROOT = 1 euro

Possibility to arrive Saturday 17th and leave Wednesday 21st, please note you will have to cater for yourselves on these days.

PLEASE BRING- your own tent, sleeping bag etc., torch, warm clothes, towel, plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon.

Mais informação e tradução em http://www.quintacabecadomato.blogspot.com/
PS: visitei-os este Verão e achei um grupo de pessoas humildes, muito amigáveis, bem-intencionadas e sérias

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